The Pawns of Al Rodel

Amelia's Log: The majikul goblin
Session 1 Summary

Deer Dyury,

Choran is teechin me how to rite n reed. I duno y he is cuz i nevur had yous for it befor but i am glad cuz it meenz i get to rite down fings so i dont forget. Choran sed i shud keep a dyury so i am practisin lots, but i am nervus abowt showin him ma inner fowts so i wil keep dis wun a seekrit n rite anuva to sho him. i feel sort of bad abowt it but its not lyk he need to no abowt ma inner fowts rite?

To day we went to lord rusts maner. I wuz veri exitid to b home and i fowt mayb i cud see ma dad n tel him abowt all the repson ressponsab risponsi jobs i have to do. But Choran sed lord rust needed to see us urrjentlee so i thowt it best not to ask for anyfing. Some o the servunts led us in n i new them but they luked sort of mad at me. It is that luk ma mum alweys giv me wen i cum into the room she in. I desided not to say helo. Ther wus also a servunt i didnt no of but mayb they wer new or ther to reeplays me.

We went into a big room i fink its usd for importent meetins n stuff so i wus veri nervus. Der wuz fud der n i reli wantid sum cuz we had no tym to eet todey but i fowt it wud be rood to eet wivowt Choran seyin it ok and i didnt wont to be rud and ask. That wusnt so fun.

Then this litl persun caym in and they wer ridin dis masiv badjer and i sed bludy hel n then i felt bad but Choran didnt seem to notis so it was ok i fink. I duno y ther is a chyld cumin wiv us but lord rust nos betur then me.

Wen lord rust caym in i wus so hapi but also nervus n he luked at me but i duno if he no hoo i am. Thats ok im not that importent enywey. But he wus sayin that there were a majikul goblin in the goblin getto and we need to go arest them cus they r bad n teechin majik wivout a purmit n stuf.

The goblin getto is a relly sad plays sumtyms wen we wer litul my dad wud tek me and Edwurd ther to sho us how lucki we wer and to apresheeayt feel gud abowt wot we hav. Sumtyms i wud sneek the lunch ma dad med for me n giv it to the goblin childrun wile he was doin deelins traydin fish for sum ov owr burds n stuff. The goblin childrun r rely rud n angry but i fink it iz just cuz they hav a hard lyf.

I feel bad that we hav to arest sum1 but if they r doin sumfing daynjurus then i gess its betr for the cumyunitee. I dont rely undurstan y majik is onli for rich peepul but i gess it becuz they no mor than poor peepul so they no how to yus it sayfli.

We get to the goblin getto and this gy wiv us i duno hoo he is gos in wivout any1 els. Choran desided to chek the reeleef sentur wich i new ov cuz if we wer doin relly wel wiv the burds he wud donayt 1 heer. I had to wayt outsyd for that gy hoo went in n it wuz reely cold n wet but ma dad ses i shudnt complayn if i got clovs on ma bak n fud in ma beli (evun tho i didnt today).

Sum tym laytur i see this guy rydin off wivowt us n i get wuried that Choran wil be mad so i go insyd as soon as i can n i tel him but he wusnt mad so that wus ok. We manij to catch up this gy n he ses he finks he fownd the majik goblin i fink he cald her a sharmin or shaymin or sumfing.

We get bak to the manur and they start maykin plans and they sownd so crayzee lyk usin that chyulds big badjer to dig a tunel and sneekin arownd even tho Choran sed that goblins can see in the dark. I kno the goblins wud not be hapi abowt hoomans goin in and maykin demands but y cant we just eksplayn that the shaymin is daynjurus and we wud be helpin the childrun? Shorly the goblins wont to keep their childrun sayf?

Lord rust n Choran mayk plans. Choran and me wil go in pritendin to be reeleef wurkurs n i fink lord rust and the chyld wil sneek in on a boet. The ovur gy just get to wolk in cuz he med frends wiv the shaymin. Y cant we mayk frends wiv her to?

(Amelia’s Learning Log)

Today me and Choran was sent on a importent important kw quest to find a goblin who is teech teaching magic illeeguli illegally. We fow found the goblin in the ghetto. We made a plan to get her. One of our party will go into the ghetto and me and Choran will act as releef relief workers to sneak into the ghetto and Lord Rust and the nom gnome will go by boat.

Pretty Sure I Made a Mistake

There never seems to be a dull moment in this town. We were forced out to witness a hanging. We scoped out the area from different positions. Three people were on the stand with a noose around each of their necks. Humans do have skinny necks. Its interesting to see the ones that survive the fall. They don’t last much longer. While I was thinking about this, Abbalon demanded to know the crimes of the accused and the proof of this. The human wanting to kill them wasn’t giving any information. He continued to blab on about how they are traitors and they have a witness. I started asking those around me about the people. A few in the crowd told me that the baker always delivers goods to the guards. Perhaps this is a good man being framed. I decided I would say some words. “Why would this man betray you? It doesn’t make sense.” The humans don’t like me as it is. I tried to get the people to raise up against this, giving Abbalon a distraction to free those people. The towns people I found out have no spine. The human in his shiny armor came after me, luckily he underestimated my agility for my size. Before I could pull out my weapon, I felt something bring me to the ground. The entire area was covered in some web. Despite my efforts, I could not break free. I slowly began moving my way out. Next thing I know some ass hole was trying to shoot me with a crossbow. The webbing gave me some cover but he finally got a lucky shot off on me. By the time I finally escaped, the humans in the shiny armor were regrouping. We made our escape in different directions for safety. Abbalon walked the streets boldly as I stuck to the shadows.

Diary of Choran, Child of Velquiss

Today I met with Lord Rust, The man is somewhat less imposing than I had expected, but his deeds are matters of fact and record. He is not to be taken lightly, nor underestimated. I am surprised at the company he keeps although the servant girl Amelia has proved unexpectedly skilled and useful – if lacking education And this, itself, may prove useful.

A gnome riding a badger, indoors. By the chains which bind us!

Apparently the goblin migrants are disseminating proscribed arcane teachings without proper controls, this shifting of power could prove worryingly destabilizing in these pivotal times. Although Amaranth and her servants have a reputation for unpredictability and disregard for order, I feel Rust may be relied up on at least, and their reactions to rogue mages are easy enough to forsee.

I inspected the novitiates of the relief station, they knew little of import, apparently there is an aged shaman of some sort, but they see her as little threat or power. I trust this not at all, and remain wary. Lord Rusts man did some scouting and confirmed the presence of something of note, though his details were too sketchy for my comfort. and it seems that this night we will rendezvous at the camp.

I must confess mounting trepidation. I had not expected to be walking through the slurry of ghetto’s by associating with the Esteemed Lord rust. let alone contemplating midnight arrests or battles with Mages. Still, Velquiss guides and protects and I and the nation may profit from this association. This is but another test on the road to greatness and prosperity. On that note I shall pray for safe and profitable endeavours.

Adventure Log: Trouble in Inkeeper Town

Well, shit. This isn’t good. Guard came running into the inn today, and yelled at everyone to get out to the square. M, Abbalon and his lizard friend Fadealisk and I all went there, where the guards were going to hang three innocent men for being “rebels”. Fadealisk and Abbalon objected to this, and right in the middle of our objections requesting to hear the truth, a bunch of rebels attacked the men and attempted to free the 3. We fought for them, because hanging innocent men isn’t just or fair, and M ended up mauling a good 2 or 3 to death. We then get a chance to run away, with Abbalon and Fadealisk taking the innocents away, although 1 of them was unfortunately executed.

M and I went a different path, and ran into the alleyways. We found a guard following us, who we then captured and interrogated before giving him money for the compatriots that M killed – their wives and children shouldn’t be allowed to suffer as well, after all.

We’ll be going back to the Iron Udder to see what’s happened, and after that, I’m not sure what we’ll do…. though I do hope the guard brings us tidings of the recently deceased – they Do deserve some upkeep, after all.

The day I killed 3 pink skins.

Stupid pink skins tried to hang other pink skins. Apparently these people are so barbaric they continue to hand innocent lives. Master got involved and i had to save his pink hide. ended up killing three of the city guard. Someone needs to tell these idiots not to attack a minotaur unless they are ready die. Looks like this whole city is gonna turn to dung real soon.

Official corespondence on the 8th day of the 12th month of the year of our Lord 2014

To those most holy in their worship of the mighty Nithrious,

I have finally settle in and already the situation seems dire and the tenants of honor are already being thrown through the wind as one would discard waste from a chamber pot. I have taken residence at a tavern where the owner and staff have treated me amiably and seem to be sympathizers to my cause. The owner of the establishment is licensed to practice magic within this backward kingdom and has employed a minotaur with exceptional strength. They treat their employees honorably and fairly. The tavern holds a form a gladiatorial sport called dwarf tossing which I had some reservations about. However it appears from talking with the dwarfs that they are treated fairly and are paid handsomely for their participation and participation is voluntary so my worries have been addressed.

I have been unable to attend to matters for which I was sent to address in our sister church because issues in this kingdom are more dire than we anticipated. A few days ago the occupants of the tavern were forced to a local square where accused rebels were to be hung. Based on information gathered at least one of those accused is innocent and when the Justice was asked to provide evidence the guard acted with force against those who would question the accusations. A group known I could only figure to be rebels against the current rule of the kingdom attempted to save those unfortunate souls who were condemned to die and I joined in the fray. Guided by the tenants of our lord I was able to get a number of guards to stand down and finally got the Justice so call the rest off but not before one of the accused was struck down by the guard. I released the remaining accused to the rebels.

It appears that matters within the city and kingdom are reaching a boiling point, one of which I fear that will only complicate matters for the church and the continent as a whole. I will continue to monitor the situation and recommend actions as necessary. It appears our involvement may need to be more direct for I fear that the corruption of our sister church stems from the corruption and racism that plagues this kingdom.

I wish honor and goodliness on you my brethren and ask for the strength granted by our Lord sustain me so that my mission is successful in bringing honor and justice to this corrupt and immoral kingdom.

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