The Pawns of Al Rodel

Adventure Log: Trouble in Inkeeper Town

Well, shit. This isn’t good. Guard came running into the inn today, and yelled at everyone to get out to the square. M, Abbalon and his lizard friend Fadealisk and I all went there, where the guards were going to hang three innocent men for being “rebels”. Fadealisk and Abbalon objected to this, and right in the middle of our objections requesting to hear the truth, a bunch of rebels attacked the men and attempted to free the 3. We fought for them, because hanging innocent men isn’t just or fair, and M ended up mauling a good 2 or 3 to death. We then get a chance to run away, with Abbalon and Fadealisk taking the innocents away, although 1 of them was unfortunately executed.

M and I went a different path, and ran into the alleyways. We found a guard following us, who we then captured and interrogated before giving him money for the compatriots that M killed – their wives and children shouldn’t be allowed to suffer as well, after all.

We’ll be going back to the Iron Udder to see what’s happened, and after that, I’m not sure what we’ll do…. though I do hope the guard brings us tidings of the recently deceased – they Do deserve some upkeep, after all.



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