The Pawns of Al Rodel

Diary of Choran, Child of Velquiss

Today I met with Lord Rust, The man is somewhat less imposing than I had expected, but his deeds are matters of fact and record. He is not to be taken lightly, nor underestimated. I am surprised at the company he keeps although the servant girl Amelia has proved unexpectedly skilled and useful – if lacking education And this, itself, may prove useful.

A gnome riding a badger, indoors. By the chains which bind us!

Apparently the goblin migrants are disseminating proscribed arcane teachings without proper controls, this shifting of power could prove worryingly destabilizing in these pivotal times. Although Amaranth and her servants have a reputation for unpredictability and disregard for order, I feel Rust may be relied up on at least, and their reactions to rogue mages are easy enough to forsee.

I inspected the novitiates of the relief station, they knew little of import, apparently there is an aged shaman of some sort, but they see her as little threat or power. I trust this not at all, and remain wary. Lord Rusts man did some scouting and confirmed the presence of something of note, though his details were too sketchy for my comfort. and it seems that this night we will rendezvous at the camp.

I must confess mounting trepidation. I had not expected to be walking through the slurry of ghetto’s by associating with the Esteemed Lord rust. let alone contemplating midnight arrests or battles with Mages. Still, Velquiss guides and protects and I and the nation may profit from this association. This is but another test on the road to greatness and prosperity. On that note I shall pray for safe and profitable endeavours.



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