The Pawns of Al Rodel

Pretty Sure I Made a Mistake

There never seems to be a dull moment in this town. We were forced out to witness a hanging. We scoped out the area from different positions. Three people were on the stand with a noose around each of their necks. Humans do have skinny necks. Its interesting to see the ones that survive the fall. They don’t last much longer. While I was thinking about this, Abbalon demanded to know the crimes of the accused and the proof of this. The human wanting to kill them wasn’t giving any information. He continued to blab on about how they are traitors and they have a witness. I started asking those around me about the people. A few in the crowd told me that the baker always delivers goods to the guards. Perhaps this is a good man being framed. I decided I would say some words. “Why would this man betray you? It doesn’t make sense.” The humans don’t like me as it is. I tried to get the people to raise up against this, giving Abbalon a distraction to free those people. The towns people I found out have no spine. The human in his shiny armor came after me, luckily he underestimated my agility for my size. Before I could pull out my weapon, I felt something bring me to the ground. The entire area was covered in some web. Despite my efforts, I could not break free. I slowly began moving my way out. Next thing I know some ass hole was trying to shoot me with a crossbow. The webbing gave me some cover but he finally got a lucky shot off on me. By the time I finally escaped, the humans in the shiny armor were regrouping. We made our escape in different directions for safety. Abbalon walked the streets boldly as I stuck to the shadows.



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