Character Background

Character Questionnaire:

Below is a series of questions for everyone to answer. Since this is a heavily story driven campaign background information for the characters is very important not only to help players know and be comfortable with their characters but also so the DM has potential hooks to utilize through out the campaign to weave each character into the story. I know that some people are experienced in creating characters and that these questions may be redundant, but others may be lost as what to do. View these questions as a starting point, but not the only source for creating your back story.

As an added bonus for each question answered with an affirmative and an appropriate amount of detailed information to allow me to use it will receive* 1 pt* which the player will be able to use to purchase some character creation bonuses* (The DM will judge weather an answer meets the requirements to earn the point)*. If you are having difficulty feel free to ask me and I can help at least guide you with ideas to get through the process, but ultimately I want everyone to create their own character, as this is the best way to be connected to them.

Also do not be embarrassed about your ideas. As always I mean to promote a safe and friendly environment for everyone at my table. So please keep that in mind when creating your characters. We are all mature but some boundaries should not be crossed, and as such if someone does cross it I will either ask them to rework that aspect of their character or to leave the table entirely.

Remember the more you give me enables me to build in a character arch specifically for your character during the campaign’s story. Each questionnaire will be placed on a character page under a player secret field so I and the player will have access to it and to prevent meta-gaming from other users. If this sort of style of character building is helpful you can find more questions to answer on the Proust’s Questionnaire page which has an additional 35 questions to ask your character.


  1. Do you have any parents or siblings still living? Please indicate who, what jobs they do, descriptions, ect.
  2. Do you have any romantic interests, a significant other? please indicate who, what jobs they do, descriptions, ect.
  3. Do you have any major failures in your past that are known by others? Please explain.
  4. Do you have any major secrets in your life, ongoing or in your past? Please explain.
  5. What is your greatest fear? Not a creature, but a situation or a problem in life. Please Explain.
  6. What is your greatest desire? Not a creature, but a situation or a problem in life. Please Explain.
  7. Do you have any friends who are in forces or organizations that are opposed to you? This could be having a friend in the Thieves Guild while you are in the City Watch, or in a rival army, ect.
  8. Do you have any children? Please indicate who, where they live, descriptions, ect.
  9. What is your most treasured possession? please describe it, your sentiment towards it, and how you acquired it.
  10. Do you know any of the other characters in the party? Please describe how you met and what your relationship is. You need to discuss this with the character in question so that it does not ruin their back story. Knowing a character does not necessarily mean they know you, but again always discuss this with the player you wish to set up a crossing of paths with before setting it down as your own.
  • I will go through at a later date and answer these questions with a sample character to give examples of what one might include and what one can set up with these basic questions.
Questionnaire Incentive Point Shop
Cost Reward
1pt Skill of Choice +4
2pt Make a Cross Class skill a Primary Skill
2pt +1 Max Action Point(May not be used in this campaign)
3pt Extra Feat
4pt + 4k gold pieces at start of campaign
5pt +1 Ability Point to Ability Stat of Choice(Cannot be used to increased above score of 20)
*These rewards can only be used at character creation. Any unused points will be forfeit and each reward will need to have an explanation for how the character came about it. (ie. Extra Feat, the character in question spent a season being trained in a monastery to grain the ability/ the character had an estranged wealthy relative that bequeathed them a hefty sum of gold as an inheritance upon their death.

Please contact me with any questions. ~blackrosebronwen

Character Background

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