Character Portrait Applications

In order to create a likeness of your character, a detailed description and relevant reference material are required. Please fill out the form below and submit it as a player secret that Moofinseeker can see, with an email notification.

Note: This may seem like a lot of info, but it will make Moofin’s life a whole lot easier while drawing your character. Try to avoid generic descriptions like, “A man with dark hair and blue eyes and a moustache”. Instead, aim for something along the lines of, “A short, portly man with cropped, auburn hair, striking, sky blue eyes and a thick, bushy moustache; slightly darker than his hair.” Streams of each drawing will probably happen, and Moofin will notify you when they are occurring.


Face shape: Jawline, Chin, Scars/Complexion, distinguishing features.

Eyes: Colour, shape, expression, eyebrows, wrinkles/bags/blemishes

Nose: Shape, Size

Mouth: Lips, Teeth, shape

Hair: Length, style, colour, condition.

Facial Hair (If Applicable): Style, colour, thickness/texture of hair.

Body type: Skinny? Chubby? Athletic? Long limbs? Squat? Little legs?

Body Language: How does your character act? Do they stand tall and confident? Do they hunch from working at a desk all day? Do they have a constant frown or wide, innocent eyes? Think about how you could sum up your character in one image.

Reference images: Anything goes here. I don’t mind if you’re sending me nudes that you have found on google, as long as it isn’t porn. Try to find images that have a similar look to your character, but not necessarily a body double of them.

Amelia Fowler:

Face shape: Rounded and a little pudgy, a few freckles scattered across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Soft, padded features with barely defined jaw and cheekbones. (References: and )

Eyes: Doe-eyed. Moss green eyes with subtly feminine eyelashes, slightly thick eyebrows with a softly curved shape.

Nose: average size, slightly wide snub nose.

Mouth: A slight pout but nothing overly feminine, pale lips with a thin upper. Teeth fairly decent with no abnormalities. Slight dimples when she smiles.

Hair: Shoulder-length, unkempt walnut hair that looks as if she has cut it herself. (Reference: )

Facial Hair: N/A

Body type: 5’6, pudgy but fairly stocky build, soft curves. (Kinda NSFW: )

Body Language: Meek and submissive with rounded shoulders. Tends to avoid eye-contact and keeps to herself. Very honest and expressive, though usually looks a little dazed.

Reference images:
Face – and
Hair –
Body – (Kinda NSFW)

Character Portrait Applications

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