Basic Info: Newer county conquered through war. Occupied by a human race called Kaldonians who came across the sea and either killed or ran off the previous settlers. Kaldonians have little to no tolerance for other races and look down on other humans.

Basic Information: This country boarders the South Eastern boarders of Kaldunrum past the Gultorium Mountains and the Loam Fracture. The main occupants of the country are a human raced known as Salmonians, whom are believed to be native to the lands as opposed to their Kaldonian cousins.

White Cap
Basic Info: Is the Allied Country to the North West of Kaldunrum inhabited by the Palisadiens.

Wild Lands
Basic Info: The Wild Lands is a vast wilderness located to the East of the Gultorium Mountains. Little is known of these wild lands other then the fact that travelers who do travel through these land either never return or come back with tall tales of strange creatures and spirits of nature that occupy the dense forests.



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