Running a Business

Players are allowed to invest in and run a business in hopes of making a profit. If you or your group is interested in running a business please contact your GM to start the process.

Profit Formula:

  • (1d20 + Primary Skill + Modifiers) -25 = Profit Rating
    • Owner/Player Rolling for Profit Rating can take 10 for the primary skill roll but never a 20
    • Modifiers can be found on Table 6-5 pg. 184 of the DMGII book
  • Profit = Profit Rating x Risk Level
    **Negative Profit Rating = a Loss in gp
    • Positive Profit Rating = Profit in gp
Risk Level Profit
Low x5gp
Medium x20gp
High x50gp


  • Primary Skill: Profession (Innkeeper)
  • Secondary Skills: Profession (Cook) or (Brewer), and Sense Motive
  • Possible Guild Associations: Merchant or Service Guild
  • Capital: Medium
  • Resources: Medium
  • Risk: High

Running a Business

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