Marderick "Grandfather" Velquiss

Warden of Novitiates of the Al Rodel Temple of Velquiss


Marderick is portly man in his sixties. His stern face and hard expression fail to conceal the twinkle in his eyes. Strict enough in the pursuit of his duties to intimidate and frighten many of the youths raised under his watchful gaze, he is kind and generous to those who take obedience and honesty truly to heart. He loves to barter and haggle, quip and debate, and his quick tongue and quicker wit have honed many a novitiates minds to a keen sharpness. He is fourth in succession to the position of High Keeper by virtue of Seniority and bureaucratic merit, but has little ambition for the post, preferring rather to play games the games of intrigue and advancement vicariously through the younger priests.

Marderick commands the rank of Bishop and holds the post of Warden of Novitiates at Al-Rodel Temple of Velquiss in the temple Hierarchy. He oversees the Dormitory Fathers and is ultimately responsible for all the unchosen and inititates under the care of Velquiss in Al Rodel, both at the Temple Proper, and the Greater and Lesser Orphanages situated elsewhere in the city.


Marderick "Grandfather" Velquiss

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