The Pawns of Al Rodel

Official corespondence on the 8th day of the 12th month of the year of our Lord 2014

To those most holy in their worship of the mighty Nithrious,

I have finally settle in and already the situation seems dire and the tenants of honor are already being thrown through the wind as one would discard waste from a chamber pot. I have taken residence at a tavern where the owner and staff have treated me amiably and seem to be sympathizers to my cause. The owner of the establishment is licensed to practice magic within this backward kingdom and has employed a minotaur with exceptional strength. They treat their employees honorably and fairly. The tavern holds a form a gladiatorial sport called dwarf tossing which I had some reservations about. However it appears from talking with the dwarfs that they are treated fairly and are paid handsomely for their participation and participation is voluntary so my worries have been addressed.

I have been unable to attend to matters for which I was sent to address in our sister church because issues in this kingdom are more dire than we anticipated. A few days ago the occupants of the tavern were forced to a local square where accused rebels were to be hung. Based on information gathered at least one of those accused is innocent and when the Justice was asked to provide evidence the guard acted with force against those who would question the accusations. A group known I could only figure to be rebels against the current rule of the kingdom attempted to save those unfortunate souls who were condemned to die and I joined in the fray. Guided by the tenants of our lord I was able to get a number of guards to stand down and finally got the Justice so call the rest off but not before one of the accused was struck down by the guard. I released the remaining accused to the rebels.

It appears that matters within the city and kingdom are reaching a boiling point, one of which I fear that will only complicate matters for the church and the continent as a whole. I will continue to monitor the situation and recommend actions as necessary. It appears our involvement may need to be more direct for I fear that the corruption of our sister church stems from the corruption and racism that plagues this kingdom.

I wish honor and goodliness on you my brethren and ask for the strength granted by our Lord sustain me so that my mission is successful in bringing honor and justice to this corrupt and immoral kingdom.



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