To Claim a request edit the wiki page and add

-[your name] and date claimed to the end of the request.
You will have 3 days from the date claimed to provide proof of progress made or the request will be opened for other players to claim.
You may only claim one request at a time.
If you have already earned 3 ReRoll points you may continue to complete requests, but they will not reward any additional ReRoll points until you have used one or some have expired dropping you below the 3 point cap.

Art Requests

  • Requests like Character Portraits. Location Portraits. Religious Sigils and anything that takes that extra artistic spark.
  1. Amaranth’s Sigil – Should incorporate A bleeding or Bloodied Flower. A Purpleish-Red color should be the main color of the color scheme.
  2. Velquiss’s Sigil – “His sigil, and the holy symbol of his followers are that of a pair of clasped hands, bound together by chains.” -pulled from deity page
  3. Deity Portrait: Velquiss – Velquiss is usually described as taking the appearance of a human merchant or teacher. His left hand holds a long stave of ivory carved with a motif of inter-braided chains, the head of which is carved into the shape of two hands, joined at the wrist. One open palmed raised, as if offering, the other hovers poised to take. His right hand proffers a scroll with ever shifting runes of indeterminate nature. Velquiss wears robes or gowns with impossibly intricate embroidery, and a broad shouldered mantle clasped at the neck with two golden hands, shaking in accord. Accounts of his facial appearance vary in almost every aspect save for his eyes, which are a soft grey and his expression, which is a genial smile. -Taken from deity page

Map Requests

  • Requests for location layouts. City maps, district lay outs, specific building layouts. These can be as complex or as simple as the claimant wants. The important part is that the map can be read. Legends should be included.

Portal Maintenance Requests

  • Spell checking, Editing, and general maintenance of the site and its information.

World Building Requests

  • Request that deal with creating NPCs, Countries, Deities, Cultural Traditions, Factions, Religious orders, or anything that helps with fleshing out the world and adding new content.
  1. Noble Houses of Note (6 spots available) – I need several players to each think up a noble house name, and what that family is known for. These families should be native to Kaldunrum and should not be your character’s family. They can be a rival family or an ally to your character’s family but the creation of your character’s family is part of the character creation and is not what I’m looking for here. IE: The Lassar family are minor nobles which have accumulated their wealth and standing through their owner ship of various textile endeavors. Most notable of these ownerships is their monopoly on the production of coveted Salmonian Lace.
    1. Gagne Family [Megleris] 11/18/2014
    2. The Assh Family, Iron Barons of the Noble Kingdom of Kaldunrum Bobbers 12/19/2014
    3. Family 3
    4. Family 4
    5. Family 5
    6. Family 6


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