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The World of Soreayon

Countries A list of the various countries, their towns, and information about each area. – Under Construction
Deities A list of all the currently created deities and the place to find their information pages. –
Flora Compendium and Fauna Compendium – Information about special plant life, and any living/nonliving creatures that are not part of the greater races/playable races. – Under Construction
Local Events Lore information about the currant goings on that may directly affect the player characters. – Under Construction
Organizations A place for Religious Orders, Nobel houses, Guilds, and other types of Organizations. Under Construction
Races of the World All the races that have some sort of significant form of civilization and could become playable races at various times. Under Construction
World Events The events of the world at large, that won’t necessarily affect any player characters much less at all. Under Construction
Lore and legends Literature and myths popular in the campaign Under Construction

Player’s Corner

Character Pages

Udderly Incompetents

The Guiding Hand

Group 3

Character Creation

Rolling Stats
Playable RacesTBA Soon
Approved ClassesCurrently Working on
Character BackgroundRequired Questionnaire – Due by next session for group should character need to be replaced
Character Portrait Applications

Out of Character

Table Etiquette
Rules and Rulings
Running a Business – Running a Business and how Profits work.
Crafting Rules

Extra Rewards

Player Reward Log – How many ReRoll Points do I currently have and when do they expire?
Rules and Regulations – What are the rewards for claiming a Work Request and how does it work? What is a ReRoll Point and how is it used?
Work Requests – Place for GM to request help from the Players with the campaign. (Example: Someone to draw the sigil for a religious order or Request for someone to transfer lore information from the Shadows of Serenity Peak Portal to this one.)

GM Corner

Bronwen’s List of Shit to do or look over for Players – Request Help, Information, or Rulings from the GM

Main Page

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