The 5th day of the 12th month of the year of our Lords 2014

The group began at the Iron Udder in late autumn and the background is as stated:
Rumors abound that war with the kingdom of Salmonia is staring in the Spring. The king is currently dying which has sent the kingdom into a period of unrest. Those supporting the kingdom of Salmonia and the Salmonians are starting to position their efforts to assist Cassandra in ascending to the throne of Kaldunrum.At the same time powerful houses are also rumored to be positioning to take over power. Salmonian liberators are trying to psuh the people to rebellion. Sympathizers are weary of the guard because people are being turned in and improsoned for insubordination and treason.

Within the tavern the patrons are worried and although natives from both kingdoms still visit theIron Udder the patrons aren’t intermixing as they usually do.

A commotion outside the bar causes the patrons to become uneasy and someone comes into the bar telling those within that people are being taken to the square to be hung for treason. A guard then enters and forces everyone to the square. The players go along.

At the square 3 people are tied up on a wooden platform accused as rebels. The baker, the cobbler, and the blacksmith’s son. As the square fills the guards begin to block all the entrances to the square. gathering information from the crowd the group finds out that the baker is definitely not a rebel. A Justice is in attendance. Fadealisk-Bard tries to get the people riled up while Abbalon the Tall asks what crimes the three prisoners are accused of. a guard tries to silence Fadealisk-Bard. When no evidence of the prison’s guilt is presented arrows fly from rebels in the crowd and cut the ropes of the prisoners’ nooses. A battle ensues, M tackles the executioner, and gores two guards. Abbalon the Tall gets two guards to stand down. Jay casts web and binds down a number of guards and Fadealisk-Bard. The cobbler is killed by a guard and guards and rebels are slain. Abbalon the Tall gets the justicar to stand down. the crowd has escaped by this time and the party seperates, Jay and M head south along the alleys. Abbalon and Fadealisk head east.

M andJay end up heading to the Rusty Bone, a amiable cometitor’s Jerimiah tavern which is near the docks. They notice that they have a tail and surprise the tail and question the boy. The young man is scared and passes out. They take him with them to the Rusty Bone where the cook is unable to identify the young man.The cook is concerned that they have brought trouble with them and Jay says that if anyone asks if they came by to say that they had a meal and left. Jay and M find out the boy is from shanty town after questioning him ore. The boy is afraid ofM because he killed his comrades and that there was proof the prisoners were rebels. Jay mentions to they boy that the baker was not a rebel and tries to convince M’s actions were justified self defense. Boy claims that he was in attendance when the evidence was presented. M challenges the boy to honorary combat which the boy declines. Jay bribes the boy and compensates the boy’s comrade’s families for a total of (22g plus 5 gold per dead guard.). M asks cook for trousers for the boy which after a confusing conversation the cook provides. Jay, M and boy leave by backdoor and the guard changes while M picks on him with cat calls. Boy leaves.

Abbalon and Fadealisk-Bard head to another tavern called the Drunk Duck which is owned by the dread pirate Rosebeard (a deadly and flamboyant pirate who wears fushia and wears pink flowers and riboons in his beard. It is rumored that each ribbon and flower represent a man that he has killed.) . Abbalon asks Rosebeard if Jay is around and asks him if he has heard anything about some of the events in the square. It appears that Rosebeard feels the rebels are trouble because he says they have " made a right mess of things." They have a meal. Abbalon asks of any other locations Jay hangs out and Rosebeard tells him the Rusty Bone. Fadealisk-Bard and Abbalon hide out when they arrive at the Rusty Bone because guards are searching for people. When the guards leave they hear M’s cat calls and meet back up with group.

The 5th day of the 12th month of the year of our Lords 2014

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